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You want to know what is happening...

But I don't know either.

What is this?
This is a FAQ section.

FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions.
How did you do this?
With HTML and CSS, duh.
No JQuery, JavaScript or nothing else?
Nothing else. HTML and CSS.
Who are you anyway?
I'm just a random guy.

That's all I'll tell you.
Why did you make this site?
Why not?

I mean I had some free time and some HTML and CSS knowledge.
And a free host too. What else can I ask for, really?
So there is no purpose?
You mean this site? No, this site doesn't really have any purpose.
Just like me.

And that's the cool part IMO. The cool part of life is that there is no goal, no purpose: You just do what you want to do and eventually stuff will happen. If you're lucky enough you even have some fun on the way to your inevitable death.

This site is mainly a blog to keep track of what happens in my life, aka nothing interesting yet.
Then again who knows, some interesting stuff might happen. And it'll be here, on this blog.
What does any of that mean?
You think I have any idea?

My life right now is pretty random. Good stuff and bad stuff happens all the time, and what I do is try to have fun while it happens.

At least I won't die sad, whenever that happens.